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Multimedia Competition

Skit performed by
Tay Vaughan
Lizzy Vaughan
Helayne Waldman
Julie Waldman

for the
National Education Media Network Awards
Oakland, California
May, 1995


Intro. Waldman & Vaughan, Presenters

Vaughan & Waldman enter from audience.. They stand side by side at podium. Slide: NEMN: Multimedia Competition

Waldman: Good evening. With 120 multimedia entries this year, more than double last year's, this is the fastest growing segment of the Media Network Competition. Judges from 17 different juries this year have awarded Apples to programs that have enhanced the learning experience through innovative use of multimedia technology.

Switch House Video Feed to Computer on Stage

Waldman steps back and moves to computer table, Vaughan steps forward to the mike. Waldman clicks (cmd. P, then mouseclidk) to begin morphing Vaughan and Waldman's current portrait to when they were 8 years old, then into Julie & Elizabeth.

Vaughan: In education, as elsewhere, the technology immutably advances: Spot doesn't chase sheetmetal red wagons anymore, he chases 16-speed mountain bikes, carbon fiber skate boards, and in-line roller blades made of high-strength ploycarbonates and teflon bearings. And the computer lab now competes with the library and the jungle gym. In our hearts we know that change is not only natural, it's unstoppable. The RATE OF CHANGE, however, is increasing geometrically as more and more innovations and inventions yield greater complexity in our day-to-day lives. It's hard work to update your personal knowledge base and your vocabulary, to stay current.

Julie & Elizabeth enter from stage right during the morph (on signal from Waldman) while Vaughan speaks, taking up positions at the computer. Waldman returns to podium and speaks.

Waldman: Our demonstration of educational multimedia tonight may be old hat for many of you, but sooner than you think, even this state-of-art material will itself go the way of the Nickelodeon and the Magic Lantern. But the revolution has begun! Students can now learn in ways that we could only dream of yesterday. To show you but one small example of this revolution, how multimedia can bring to life the magic of children's literature, we've invited two very special guests Julie Waldman Preston (Julie waves), a third grader at Thornhill Elementary School here in Oakland, and Elizabeth Vaughan (Elizabeth waves), a second grader at Corpus Christi School in Piedmont. For Julie and Elizabeth, reading electronic books is all in a day's work...

Julie to audience: Have you and your mom ever made plans for your birthday party, only to find that someone else's party was on the very same day? Well, that's what happened to Arthur in the story of Arthur's Birthday from Living Books. We'll show you a few pages... Is the computer set up?

Elizabeth to Julie: Yeah, we've got 16 megs of RAM, a 250 megabyte hard drive, and a double speed CD player. Anyway, we already tested it.

Julie to Audience: OK! Here's the part where Arthur invites his friends to the party and gets in trouble with Muffie.

Julie Clicks to start first section of Arthur Plays until "... I love chocolate!", then pauses Waiting for mouse or keyboard click.

Helayne: Click on the girl in the blue jeans.

Julie clicks. Plays spin-the-bottle routine until a popping sound... Waiting for mouse or keyboard click.

Tay- Try the paper bag.

Elizabeth clicks to start paper bag routine Paper bag sequence plays with final pop... Waiting for mouse or keyboard click.

Elizabeth to Julie: So what happens next?

Julie: Well, I'll turn the page (she clicks on right arrow)

Julie clicks on forward arrow to play Muffie inviting Sue Ellen.

After Sue Ellen says "Oh no!", both say in unison "Uh Ooooh!

Julie/Elizabeth in unison: "Uh Ooooh!"

Scene two continues to play out until "Should they go to Arthur's Birthday party? Or Muffie's?"... Waiting for mouse or keyboard click.

Julie Clicks mouse, dolls come onto screen as Waldman/Vaughan speak in unison:

Vaughan: Some things never change.

Party dress on Vaughan, tuxedo on Waldman Waldman looks behind at image on screen.

Waldman: Oh yeah?

Brief Pause. Waiting for mouse or keyboard click.

Julie/Elizabeth in unison: "Mom!/Dad!"

Elizabeth clicks to transpose heads.

Pause a few moments... Elizabeth and Julie nod in agreement.


Screen returns to Awards background slide (Switch Video Feed Now)

Waldman: We are pleased to have with us tonight 13 winners in the multimedia competition. Would the winners please come up to the stage to be recognized and to receive their certificates.

Vaughan: We have six bronze apples to give out. These go to: Journey to the Source: An expedition along the Yangtze River, Cynthia Lee Shiu, Developer, Grid Media Ltd., Hong Kong

Multimedia Typing Instructor, Ken Tadeo, Developer and Publisher. Individual Software Inc.

Exploring Ancient Cities, George Reynolds and Jerry Borrell, Producers, Sumeria. Recipient: Jerry Borell

Ocean Life, Volume 3, K. Gordon, Thomas Luehrsen and Jerry Borell, Producers, Sumeria. Recipient: Jerry Borell.

The Visit, Fern Lee Hagerdorn, Producer, American Bible Society. Accepting the award for Ms.Hagerdorn is Judith Dieter.

Shoot Video Like a Pro, Robert Hone, Producer, Red Hill Studios

Julie and Lizzie take turns giving winners their awards as they walk on stage.

Waldman: We have five Silver Apples to present this evening, and they go to:

Seeing Time, Robert Hone, Producer, Red Hill Studios

Four Footed Friends, Granted Savage Producer T/Maker Company

WiggleWorks, Scholastic Publishing, Producers, Apple Computer, distributor. Accepting the award is Susan Rosenthal.

The Physical World, Interactive Learning Productions and Nelson Multimedia, Producers. Accepting the award is Martin Schmidt, Distributor, International Thomson

Word War II - Global Conflict, Interactive Learning Productions and Yorkshire Television, Producers. Accepting the award is Martin Schmidt, Distributor, International Thomson.

Julie and Lizzie give awards.

Vaughan: We have 2 Gold Apple award winners with us tonight. These go to:

Employability, Michael Chertok, Producer, Computer Curriculum Corporation

Visions of America, Paul Stern, Producer, Ted Sicker, Executive Producer for WGBH Educational foundation. Recipient: David Zardwin, Producer for Prentice Hall.

Julie and Lizzie give awards.

Waldman: Congratulations to all the winners! And many thanks to Computer Curriculum Corporation for the loan of the computer tonight with, what was that?

Julie & Lizze: 16 megabytes of RAM, a 250 megabyte hard drive, and a double speed CD player.

--- END ---

Tay Vaughan featured

Montclair writer and multimedia pioneer Tay Vaughan, author of the just-released book "Multimedia: Making it Work," will be a featured speaker at the National Educational Film and Video Festival's "Growth Markets: Multimedia" seminar to be held on May 21, from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The locally held, nationally recognized festival, now in its 23rd year, will sponsor Vaughan's speech in Niles Hall at Preservation Park in downtown Oakland. The festival will also host a special book signing with Vaughan after the seminar, when attendees can purchase copies of her book.

The new book covers everything on multimedia from concept to creation for PC compatibles and the Macintosh and includes one 3.5-inch disk of a special version of the image editing and interactive presentation software TEMPRA from Mathematica.

For more information about the festival and registration, please call Helayne Waldman at 465-6885.