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Road Hazards on the Information Highway

Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France, January 13-16, 1995

Round table co-organized with New Media Magazine.

A panel of distinguished experts will discuss many of the problems and challenges facing companies and individuals who increasingly rely on the emerging global digital network. Among the topics included: electronic eavesdropping, security, censorship, freedom of speech, escalating costs, data integrity, ease of use, commercialization, and universal access.

Panelists will focus on ways to minimize the most serious drawbacks to on-line computing, while challenging the audience to get involved in many of the important issues that remain unresolved.

Tay Vaughan, MODERATOR
Contributing Editor
NewMedia Magazine

Hermann Steffan
San Jose, Costa Rica

Fillia Makedon
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Lynda Hardman
The Netherlands

Kim Sebastien Pham
Ministère de L'Économie
Direction de la Prévision, FRANCE

David Bunnell
Editor in Chief
NewMedia Magazine



MILIA '94 showed the emphasis that multimedia professionals are placing on the search for fresh ideas and talent. Recognizing this growing need, MILIA '95 will underscore the importance of creativity to the future success of multimedia publishing during both the business exhibition and the conference program.

NEW TALENT At the exhibition

MILIA '95 will feature a special Pavilion highlighting multimedia graduate student projects and the works of illustrators, photographers, graphic designers and other independent creative artists using multimedia formats. Linking their creative vision to the evolution of the international multimedia marketplace, the New Talent Pavilion will showcase the works of independent artists and developers.

MILIA is the first international event to focus primarily on content and the creative development of multimedia titles and projects. By bringing together key professionals from hook publishing, film, video, music, games, computing and telecommunications as well as content providers and rights holders such as museums, archives, photographic agencies, graphic designers, and illustrators, MILIA is the ultimate business forum for the multimedia publishing industry. The perfect venue to form strategic alliances, co-productions and joint ventures or negotiate financial or distribution agreements, MILIA creates an unique platform to negotiate multiple media productions on a global scale. MILIA provides an invaluable opportunity for all interested professionals to obtain new information, assess the growing world market and gauge the titles available to service that market. For 5 action-packed days, over 5000 decision-makers from around the world will meet at the multimedia publishing world's international exchange to share ideas, create new partnerships, and gain insight on possible new ventures.