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Ask NETrageous, Issue #66, January 15, 1999 Sites of the week:

TimeStream Color Charts

This week's NETrageous SITEing has to do with how people, literally, view your site.

The human eye can see much more than millions of colors, but unfortunately, some computer monitors can't display more than 256. There are only 216 "safe" colors you should use when choosing your graphics, background color, text and link colors, irregardless of which platform you use. But which ones?

TimeStream's highly-detailed and useful chart makes it easy to colorize your HTML documents with non-dithering colors that work well across platforms. As you pass the cursor over the palette, the Hex Triplet value is displayed in the status bar. Just click on any color to see its system palette number and RGB value on the top line of your browser window.

Another added feature is the custom palettes for use with Photoshop and other image editing applications so your graphics will appear the same on all platforms.

(We used this chart when we were choosing the Christmas colors for the launch of our new site,, and it was only a matter of seconds before we found what we were looking for!)