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A Few Things Quoted


May 21, 1994 (PAGE 52)

"We are experiencing a plateau shift in the way humans deal with information," Tay Vaughan, president of Timestream Inc., told the audience during the introductory session, "Multimedia 101."

Newsbytes News Network

October 9, 1991 (PAGE 9)

Tay Vaughan, senior partner, The HyperMedia Group, told Newsbytes that he feels that the most important aspect of the day is the evidence that "the industry has finally gotten serious about integrating sound animation and graphics and it is good to see competitors put aside animosities and sit down at the standards table for the benefit of users."

Computer Pictures Magazine

January, 1992 (PAGE 5)

Said Tay Vaughan of the HyperMedia Group: "We feel the 286 is far too slow to satisfy most ot our customer needs." Vaughan's Emeryville, Calif., company helped develop the presentation at the introduction of multimedia extensions to Microsoft Windows, with software from Passport Designs.


December 6, 1988 (PAGE 19)

"From a developer's perspective, there are real advantages to remaining true to the Apple HyperCard platform. But as developers, we need first to satisfy our clients' requirements such as color and full-screen cards regardless of platform," sai. Tay Vaughan, a partner in the HyperMedia Group, a HyperCard development consortium.


December 7, 1992 (PAGE 51)

HEADLINE: Passport mixes audio and graphics; Passport Designs Inc.'s Passport Producer, Brief Article; Product Announcement.

"The on-board editing features are very powerful, so fewer specialized tool are needed on the outside," said Tay Vaughan, president of Timestream Inc., a multimedia production company in Oakland, Calif. "It's also nice to find a program that seamlessly handles digital, MIDI and CD audio. Typically, programs only have digital sound."