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Interactive Telecommunications Program


Fujitsu 1 An educational CD-ROM about the structure of PC for Fujitsu-ICL.
Fujitsu 2 Motivating and unique CD-ROM for training purposes.
HKKK Web Site Redesigning the Web site of the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.
Ideal Designs Redesigning a corporate Web site.
Inforcon Designing and producing a corporate Web site.
OIP-Tuote Creating a Web site for import company OIP-Tuote.
Paper Doll A math game for children.
Piresma Creating a Web site for the Piresma Company.
Snowboard An entertaining CD-ROM for Snowboard magazine.
Telecom Finland A marketing project.


Digital Subscriber Line xDSL Technologies

Telecommunications Infrastructure in Finland

Key Issues of Access in the Finnish Telecom Market